My Story

So I love to sew! I was blessed with the creativity and imagination gene. Both my parents were natural artisan, my father a master jeweler and my mother a costume designer, painter, sculptor, and seamstress. Lucky for me their artistic gifts were passed down to me. But I came late to the game, not even knowing I had these abilities. Having spent all of my adult working life in the Oil and Gas Industry, I had forgotten that once upon a time I use to get lost in my own childhood creations. Then I one random day after watching an episode of Project Runway, I remembered oh yeah I've always wonder if could do that. So off I went to Walmart, bought a $50 sewing machine,1 yard of fabric, a single spool of thread and set out to make something. I pulled a handbag out of my closet turn it inside out, made a mental scan, and then recreated it as if I knew all along how to do it. That was five years ago and I've been hooked ever since. 

Heyjude Handmade is the outcome of that creative curiosity and I am so happy to be sharing my work with you!